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+Up for trade NC items

These are most of the items I have for trade. Ignore the numbers, they are for my own inventory purposes.

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Closet/NUFT Items

These are items I use or am too fond of to trade very often. Occasionally I might part with one of them for a really big WL item or for an over offer but not very often.

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Hard and very hard to part with NC items

These are my favorite items that I can not part with very easily but might for really big wishes.

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Items rpgangel wants

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Major NC wishlist

This is the list for items that are a priority for me. GBCs are always a priority as I am always in need of boxes and can not buy NC anymore right now. Items with a 2 beside them are highest priority and wanted as soon as I can get them as I want them for a current customization.

This list is empty.
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