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Please be aware that the Neopets Metaverse team is not authorized to use Dress to Impress whatsoever.
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This statement is independent of the usage license revoked above, and would fully apply to previously-sold works.

We're making this announcement in response to concerns that DTI may have been used to mint the recent Neopets NFTs.
Most users may continue to share their Dress to Impress outfits freely, for personal use among themselves and their communities!

We regret not revoking this license sooner. For questions, please reach us via email. Thanks for understanding.
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An Intro to my TL/WL

Hello and welcome! This is my tradelist and wishlist! My sides are rpgangel2, rpgangel3, rpgangel03(for now), and rpgangel4. If a trade list is set to public it is not openly up for trade but I can offer from it depending on what I'm looking for. If a wish list is set to public I am not openly looking for it but may still make an offer if I am looking through a tl and see something from it and don't see any main things I'm looking for . Here is a link to my wishes:


Feel free to NM me if you have my wishes or I have something you want and you want to see if we can work something out.

Right now GBCs are the higher priority as I am low on boxes! I also am always looking for cookies(FQ, LR, and NCA) and RR caps9espetially the DW and MME ones).

Most of the time I am unable to offer GBCs/customs as I can not normally buy NC. I haven't liked doing 2:1's too often either due to the box/NC issue but I am trying to be a bit more open to them and now have a section for them. Though I would still prefer to do 1:1 trades for that list when possible.

All GBC values are from http://www.neopets.com/~waka and I am open to negotiations on them. If something doesn't have a value it is either buyable or is new and doesn't have one yet.

I am always looking for GBCs, DW Caps, other Caps, cookies, and NC game/event related items(no food items).

Here is my NP wishlist:


I do tend to come and go on Neopets so may not always respond right away. I also do try to keep my lists updated but since I tend to come and go it doesn't always happen. Also I sometimes forget to remove an item after trading it. If that happens I'm sorry.

Here Lies Fluffy is never ever uft as it is a memorial of my beloved cat I lost years ago who's name was Fluffy as well as reminding me of the other 2 cats I've lost, Shadow and Whiskas. Same goes for anything being used on Angellic_Shadow for the same reason. He is a Neopet made to memorialize both cats along with Fluffy.

Temp edit 2021: As of now my trading is limited due to not being able to customize(was one of the unlucky ones hit by that nasty bug). I have not been able to customize since they forced the beta on us. So I am limiting how much I do with wearables/NC since I can't use them for now. I will go for limited stuff though to not miss them. But I am very unlikely to say yes to trades unless the item offered is a very, very big want. You can still ask though as if it is possible I might put a hold on the trade and still do it once the bugs are fixed. Edit to this: I can customize again though it is still kind of buggy. SO a more open to trading again.

For Dec. 2021: For right now most trading will be for GBC's as I will need them for when I get the extra pet slots. I may still do an item trade or 2 if needed(if the trader can't do GBC's) but want to get GBC's whenever possible. Also would prefer the BFGBC's when possible(will offer 3/1 from my 2/1 list and with the 1-2 value items in my main list(and maybe 1-2 items in other lists as well for these).

This list is empty.

Closet/NUFT Items

These are items I use in customs and are not usually uft. Occasionally I might part with one for a major priority WL item, but only if I make the offer first. I may value these a little above Waka(or at least at the high end of their value) due to how much I love them and how much I use them. Most are seasonal/rotating customs that rotate depending on the time of the year so may not always be in use but they do get used. If there s a 9 by them then they are a perm custom and will not be uft, I'm sorry about that,

This list is empty.

Closet/NUFT-Baby Stuff

These are all my baby items or items I use with my babies. This section is nuft as I only have one of most and have 3(soon to be 4 and maybe even 5) babies. Always looking to add to this section!

This list is empty.

DW lendng list

These are my items for dying at the Dyeworks station. Lending only, no trade(except the multicolour wig). 1 GBC or cookie(NCA/FQ/LR) to lend. Will prefer GBC if I am low on boxes but will inform if that is the case. Will also lend for a dye pot or RR cap.

This list is empty.

Dyeworks items I own

These are the DW items I own. The numbers are if it's HTPW or NUFT. 99 means NUFT at all. 9 means HTPW/will be very picky about trading.

This list is empty.

Extra BabyDW/Rainy Cap/etc items UFT

These are from the RR Baby/DW caps and the Rainy Day and other caps and other things I have extras of.

This list is empty.

Hard to part with NC items

These are my favorite items that I can not part with very easily but might for big wishes or for over offers. I will be less likely to let these go if I am currently using them in a customization.

This list is empty.

Main trade list

These are most of the items I have for trade. This list is 1-2 GBCs each, which is negotiable. I may or may not do a 2:1 with some of these but would prefer to use them for 1:1 item for item trades when possible.

This list is empty.

MME's I own.

These are the MME's I own. A 9 means HTPW and a 99 means NUFT.

This list is empty.

My 2:1 list

These are items I don't mind doing a 2 for one GBC trade on.