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g. Items Up for Trade

These items are up for trade. This is a new trade list, please bear with me as I constantly make adjustments and move things to other sections. Please don't be upset if I decline a trade offer.

Some (but not many) of these items are on my side account, which may not have a box. In this case, I would either need a GBC included or the trade may have to be postponed.

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Items lancey_smiley wants

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- Top Priorities Currently -

Seeking these items the most, at the moment. I'm more inclined to trade for something here rather than something in my regular wishlist, but I am open to both. ^_^

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a. Regular Wishlist

This wishlist includes items that aren't that much of a priority, but that I'd like to eventually have, so if you have anything on my list, feel free to offer, and please don't be offended if I reject. Thanks!