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000) Notes - Please Read!

Please neomail all offers to painted_dreams87.

Every NC item I have available (except for hidden closet items and non-wearables) is listed.

Boxes: 11
GBCs: 0
Last Updated: June 18th

This list is empty.

02) Regular Tradelist

These are simply the items that don't fit into my other tradelist categories.

This list is empty.

03) 1 GBC Sale

All items in this tradelist are 1 GBC each. Any kind of GBC is fine. If trading for item(s) instead of GBCs, I value these items normally rather than 1 each.

This list is empty.

04) 2:1 GBC Sale

Pick any 2 items for 1 Gift Box Cube! Any kind of cube is fine. I do not trade these items 2:1 for any other kind of capsule, cookie, 1-2 cap wish, etc. I never have the boxes to do so.

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Items painted_dreams87 wants

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02) Regular Wishes

These are items I want but don't need immediately. I'm seeking them if I have enough boxes and/or I don't have many Priority Wishes at the moment.

This list is empty.

03) Filler Wishes

These are all items I like and would use, but I'm fine with never owning any of them. I'm not usually seeking them unless I have a board up and say I am or to make up value differences in trades.

This list is empty.
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