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000) Trading Notes

• I do not buy NC anymore, so my boxes are always limited and I rely on trading what I have to participate in events, get newly released items I want, etc. Please understand that sometimes I pass on a perfectly fair trade due to low boxes or wanting to hold on to some sought-after items to trade for a custom later.

• I may not have many or any wishes. If I have something you're seeking, feel free to show me your TL. I'm usually interested in GBCs and Upcycle Cookies.

Do not send me item(s) before I've agreed to a trade! Please always wait for confirmation. I might not still have the item(s) or may not be trading right now.

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2) Regular Tradelist

These items are generally in the 1-3 cap range. I would trade most things from this list for 1 or 2 GBCs, depending on the item. Please feel free to offer or ask.

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3) 2:1 GBC Sale

Available only when I have a board up! I just get too many mails about this sale otherwise, and it's hard to keep up with them.

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Anything marked "99" is something I want ASAP. Anything marked "11" is something I'm not actively seeking (just here for my own reference when I browse TLs).

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