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000) Trading Notes

I'm very slowly working on sorting out my lists, so there are several unsorted items. Feel free to offer on them.

I don't trade much anymore, and there's not much I'm specifically seeking anymore either. Feel free to show me your tradelist.

This list is empty.

1) Highlights

These items are what I consider my highlights, but most are not hard to part with. The numbers indicate values for my own reference, but they may not be up-to-date. In other words, if I list an item as 3, it's not a guarantee that I'll trade it for 3. I may value it higher or even lower, depending on the current value.

99 = Unsure of value due to either it being popular, HTF, unlisted on value guides, or I just haven't checked it yet

999 = Very hard to find (noted for my own reference)

This list is empty.

2) Regular Tradelist

This list is empty.

3) 1 Cap Tradelist

I valued these items at 1 cap each when they were added to this list. I don't update this list often, so please understand if a value has changed and I'd rather not trade something for 1 cap.

This list is empty.

4) Take It Tradelist

I just want these items gone, so they're 2:1 for a GBC when I have a board up only!

Please understand if a value has changed and I'd rather not trade something for 2:1 cap.

This list is empty.

Y) Unsorted List

Most of these items are UFT, but some of them aren't. I'm still working on sorting these items into other lists.