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Hello and welcome to my trade list! If I don't respond within 24-48 hours, I likely didn't receive your neomail. I'm currently looking to mainly for my high priority and dream wishes as well as RR caps and Archive Cookies. I may be up for casual trades though especially for my regular items that are UFT. Please understand if I reject even a fair offer for my items, especially if they're under my "Hard To Part With" list. :)

If items are under more than 1 list, it means I have multiples and am trading the extras

Non-wearable NC items also for trade: 8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake, Neopets 20th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag, Neopets 21st Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

GBC's available: 21 + 7 BFGBC

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**Highlights/Pops UFT**

These are my highlights/popular items that are UFT. Will possibly accept GBC's/RR caps/Archive Cookies for some of these but mainly looking for my wishes.

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*Dyeworks For Lending*

These are my original items that are up for lend for you to dye using Dyeworks. Just send the original back to me once you're finished with it.

Lending 2:1 any GBC or RR cap OR 1:1 for a dyepot. Please make sure you copy my username correctly when sending the original back to me. :)

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2:1 GBC/Archive Cookie/RR Cap

Willing to trade these items 2:1 for a GBC, Archive Cookie, or RR Cap!

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Dyeworks UFT

Dyeworks items that are up for trade.

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For Trade (NC)

These are the other NC items I currently have UFT. I'll accept RR caps/archive cookies/maybe GBC's for these. :)

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Thank You

These items were gifted to me by some very wonderful people and I'll always treasure them. Not UFT :)

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Items sandygirl2007 wants

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*High Priority*

These are items I'm looking for the most right now in order to customize my pets. :)

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*I can dream~*

These are items that I would LOVE to have but will probably be nearly impossible for me to achieve. I can dream though right?

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