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Items moonaura owns

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* w e l c o m e *

hi, welcome to my tradelist!

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This list is empty.

o2 · c l o s e t

i like these items and would need to replace them ;-;
however they are up for trade for the right offer and harder to find wishes

This list is empty.

o3 · r e g u l a r

capsules uft:
Autumn Plaid Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Baby Bash Retired Mystery Capsule
Blooming Flowers Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Candied Sugar Plum Retired Mystery Capsule
Lots o Luck Retired Mystery Capsule
NC Mall 14th Birthday Ona Mystery Capsule
Usukicon Y23 Mystery Capsule

up for trade for wishes, gbcs, caps, etc when i need them

This list is empty.

o4 · s a l e

will trade these 1:1 fqc or 2:1 gbc

This list is empty.

Items moonaura wants

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o1 · w i s h e s

o2 · p r e t t y

of varying degrees of priority

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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