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Items dobedobedo owns

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Hello! Welcome to my tradelist. Casual trades are welcome.

**Updated June 2022**

I have a hidden closet available for bigger wishlist items, mail me your wishlist if you have any of them.

I do take GBCs and RR caps, but perhaps not for everything. Casual wishlist offers I occasionally say no to, if I'm low on boxes (or money, lol), or if I'm after a bigger trade at that moment. Please don't hesitate to send me a neomail to ask about an item or trade you're interested in, though! I enjoy trading :)
55 = On side account, might not have boxes left. Will check when asked.

Side note: I will ALWAYS contact you from my main account, hypselodora.
I might ask you to send stuff to a side, but you will never receive a neomail from anywhere else. Apparently there are scammers around pretending to be DTI users, so be careful.
Happy hunting!

This list is empty.

1. Pretties / HTPW / Try2Pry

I love these, but they ARE uft for priority wishes and/or expensive/htf casual wishlist items. Just ask :)

This list is empty.

4.2 Fantastic Filters Gram

5. UFT

Casual trades are great! I generally prefer wishlist items. GBCs and RR caps are okay as well, though I reserve the right to say no to them.
Values based on ~Owls (and Waka, sort of), my own trade records, and the alignment of the planets at the time.
Numbers indicate quantity, except 55 (side acc).

This list is empty.

6. The 2:1 (3:1?) list

Yup. Stuff! For a GBC, RR/baby cap, cookie, whatever. As many items as I get boxes if you send a GBC. 55=side account.

This list is empty.

Items dobedobedo wants

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1. Wishlist (Priority)

Pretties! Actively looking for these.

This list is empty.

1.5 Dyeworks WL

Yay, dyeworks! Can swap for other dyeworks I have, or offer TL items and sometimes custom (depends on my finances, lol) for these. Actively looking for them (might still reject a fair offer if I'm low on boxes, though, but feel free to try)

This list is empty.

2. Casual wishlist

Things I saw while customizing on DTI that made me go "Oooooooooooo I want that". I love anything that sparkles.
Also acceptable as fillers for a larger trade.

This list is empty.


I'm collecting jelly items. Who knew there were so many NC ones?

This list is empty.

Pretty BGs I kind of want

Pretty squares! :D
Sometimes set to public, sometimes hidden. List is for my own reference and as casual trades ^^ Numbers for my own reference, please ignore.

This list is empty.
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