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Items crsawinton owns

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If I don't respond to neomail don't hesitate to try again - sometimes I get busy and forget and sometimes the site just eats mail.

Numbers represent quantity owned not value - I generally go by ~Owls values.

(Not interested in trading for GBCs - may accept caps, dyepots, lab, archive or upcycle cookies though)

Online daily.

This list is empty.

Extra PB clothes from lab - FREE!

Free PB clothes - you must own the pet in the color of the clothing, when you transfer the nude pet to me and I transfer it back the clothing will go with the pet. If the pet is not the same color as the pb clothing it will not transfer!

I usually keep my pet slots full so I will need to transfer one of my pets to a side acct to make room to do this

This list is empty.

Slightly harder to part with

UFT but only for higher priority items

This list is empty.

Up for trade

*Number represents how many I have not value - I generally go by ~Owls values.

(The items that are worth 1~2 I will also trade for archive cookies, lab cookies, dyepots, and/or some caps. Not everything on this list is the same value No GBCs please. )

This list is empty.

Wigs UFT

This list is empty.

Items crsawinton wants

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Dyeworks ISO

Dyeworks I still need - will trade FQC, dyepot, small item, or BF GBC for 2 of these.

This list is empty.
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