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a1. Non-Wearables UFT

Can offer any of these for trades!

~7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 (~5-6 value)
~8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake (need VC)
~8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake (~2-3 value)

Note: Trades should only be coordinated through my main _ kenshiro _. Some items may come from my sides though!
Triple digit numbers are for my own reference (i.e. 222 = side account)

This list is empty.

a2. Lending

Lending for DW! (Not for trade unless item is listed in other categories)
Will accept dyeworks potions, GBC, cookies, or small wishes :)

This list is empty.

b. Highlights

No GBCs/Customs for these, sorry :(

Items here are only listed as UFT for other priorities
Apologies in advance if I am very picky!

This list is empty.


UFT for wishes.

Not likely UFT for gbcs/custom, but try me? (I may value them higher than Owls)

This list is empty.

d. UFT

Offer whatever :)
Can do 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 depending on the item and what you offer!

This list is empty.

z. Closet Pretties

Not UFT unless specifically offered
Any duplicates UFT are listed in categories above!

999 = Essential to a Specific Custom (Not UFT)
888 = Currently Building a Custom With It (VVVHTPW)
No number = VHTPW

This list is empty.

zz. Neopoint Items

This is mostly for my own reference
Please nm if interested in purchasing with nps

This list is empty.

Items kaede wants

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c. NC Items - Lowest Priority

Things I think are pretty that I'm casually looking for. Not necessarily needed for a custom right now.

This list is empty.

d. Neopoint Wishlist

Please nm me if you have these for sale!

This list is empty.

e. Neopoint Wishlist - Lower Priority

This list is empty.

Wishes for Friends

This list is empty.
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