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. Welcome .

Welcome & thanks for visiting! Glad you found your way here. Feel free to message me for any kind reason. These days I don’t have as much time as I used to give to trading on the NCC, so most of my trading happens by neomail. Currently seeking up-cycle and coincidence cookies. c:

Have a great day!

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2. Highlights

Could be high value, hard to find, or popular. I tend to be slightly picky with these, but I am usually happy to trade for my wishes if the values align.

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3. Casual

Usually common & low value items. UFT toward wishes and custom offers.

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1. Priority

I am willing to use any item visible on my list to negotiate a trade. Please be open to discussing value.

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3. Casual Wishes

In no rush by any means, but usually happy to find a trade with one of these.

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