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hello! I'm Erin.

I have the following unwearables for trade:

Shenkuu Lantern Capsule
Damask Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Looming Eclipse Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Blooming Flowers Gift Box Mystery Capsule
May Flowers Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Cherry Blossom Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Floral Daydream Retired Mystery Capsule
Tropical Summer Retired Mystery Capsule
Coconut Cutie Mystery Capsule
Pumpkin Picking Retired Mystery Capsule
Mythical Wherfy Winter Mystery Capsule
New Year 2022 Celebration Mystery Capsule
Springtime Springabee Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

1. dyeworks

seeking wishes & occasionally custom

This list is empty.

2. retired

seeking custom & wishes

This list is empty.

3. altador cup

seeking custom, BF GBCs, & wishes

This list is empty.

4. buyable

seeking custom ~ most are 2:1 for a GBC, 4:1 for a BF GBC

This list is empty.

5. only for wishes

seeking wishes only - these are not up for trade for custom

This list is empty.

Items lapin wants

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2. seeking ~ buyables

This list is empty.

3. spares

I am always seeking spares of these! but please keep in mind that they are spares, so they may not be priority.

This list is empty.
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