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0 - Please Read

Apologies for not being able to respond to trade related neomails. Real life has really happened and it's hard so sometimes I just don't want to trade and replying seems like a bit of a chore when there are a lot of other things going on...

Communication is key. Please read the board (if there is one) carefully for information on what I am seeking/offering.

I understand people can be double-minded due to attachment with pixels and I am no different :P

I use a range of current Value Guides and always tend to go with the lower end of the value and expect the same.

Finally, I do not understand why people have an awful attitude over pixels and attempt to humiliate other people? What is the reality of it all anyway? None of us actually owns anything on that site no matter how much we spend so why such a despicable attitude? Can someone explain this to me please?

Other than that, Happy Trading!! :D

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1 - 'Not Ready To Let Go Of Just Yet' List

Pixels I may not want to really trade off irrespective of value unless absolutely necessary. I don't have much of the nicer things on here as it is :(

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2 - Up for Trade

Up for trade for my wishes.

May take Archives Cookies dependign on what it is and also GBCs if I am boxless.

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2:1 items for ~1 Archive Cookie or GBC

2 items for 1 Archive Cookie or 1 GBC if I am boxless. Also 1:1 for casual trades. Numbers do not reflect quantity.

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4 - Dyeworks: Can be HTPW :P

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Items Sezyvex wants

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0. Need now for custom

As title states - I want it now, not later :P

Numbers don't mean anything.

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1. Always Seeking

Firstly, it would not be the end of the world if I don't get the pixels my heart desires so please don't be precious with me and leave that petty attitude behind your screen. Many thanks!

Numbers don't mean anything. My other wishlists are hidden to avoid offers as it deters from what I actually want but if I see them myself, I will trade for them.

I use ~Waka for values and always tend to go with the lower end of the value myself and expect the same.

I would be less inclined to trade if my values are assumed low and your own high. It's just awkward and a tad bit selfish :D

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Collectors Wish List

I am by no means a collector but fascinated by these items and would love to find some of these for a good deal. They're not a priority but I do like these so much! :D

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Friend's Mutant & Maraquan Needs!!!

Looking for these for a friend and hope to find some of these in a 2:1 sale

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