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1 - For Priority Higher Value Wishes *(or Desperate Box-less Times)*

Apologies for not being able to respond to neomails. Real life has really happened and it's hard so sometimes I just don't want to trade and replying seems like a bit of a chore...

Communication is key. Please read the board carefully for information on what I am seeking/offering. I understand people can be double-minded (I am extremely double-minded lol) due to attachment with pixels and I am no different :P

I use ~Waka for values and always tend to go with the lower end of the value and expect the same. A lower value will not be applied to custom requests as it is being purchased using NC.

Some lists hidden to avoid confusion :D

This list is empty.

2 - Up for Trade

~ Any numbers means item location not quantity nor value (quite possibly box-less) ~

For Archive Cookies, GBCs for desperate boxless times & 1:1 Wishes alike.

I use ~Waka for values and always tend to go with the lower end of the value and expect the same

This list is empty.

2:1 items for ~1 GBC

2 items for 1 Archive Cookie (Box Dependant) or 1 GBC

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

Items Sezyvex wants

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1. 'Priorities' Wish List

Firstly, it would not be the end of the world if I don't get the pixels my heart desires so please don't be precious with me and leave that petty attitude behind your screen. Many thanks!

There is a priority order here. Items marked 2 and 3 means a higher priority so I would prefer to trade for them. My other wishlists are hidden to avoid offers as it deters from what I actually want but if I see them myself, I will trade for them.

I use ~Waka for values and always tend to go with the lower end of the value myself and expect the same.

I would be less inclined to trade if my values are assumed low and your own high. It's just awkward and a tad bit selfish :D

This list is empty.

Collectors Wish List

I am by no means a collector but fascinated by these items and would love to find some of these for a good deal. They're not a priority but I do like these so much! :D

This list is empty.

Side Acc WL

Wishlist items for my side accounts.

The numbers 2 & 4 indicate priority and where possible, would be preferred over number-less items :P

Hoping to find these in 2:1 or better even, more for 1 GBC :P

This list is empty.
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