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1 - For Priority Wishes *(or Desperate Box-less Times)*

Communication is key. Please read the board carefully for information on what I am seeking/offering. I understand people can be double-minded due to attachment with pixels and I am no different :P

I use ~Waka for values and maybe rank these items at the higher end value because of some attachment (secretly hoping they stay with me) lol

Some lists hidden to avoid confusion :D

~ Original Jars of Magic Foreground (#10) - available to lend (box dependant) for anything really :D May also consider trading for one of my higher priority wishes :D ~

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2 - Up for Trade

~ Number 9 means item location not quantity nor value (quite possibly box-less) ~

For GBCs & 1:1 Wishes alike.

I use ~Waka for values and usually go with the lower end of value. I hope you will do the same :D

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2:1 items for ~1 GBC

Or more depending on how many boxes come from 1 GBC

You will find 2:1 or more items for a GBC (box dependant) in my gallery:

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Items Sezyvex wants

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1. 'Priorities' Wish List

There is a priority order here. Items marked 2 means REALLY HIGH PRIORITY. 3 means I WANT IT NOW! :D

Other Wish Lists hidden to avoid confusion :D

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Collectors Wish List

I am by no means a collector but fascinated by these items and would love to find some of these for a good deal. They're not a priority but I do like these so much! :D

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