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Items Emmatjuh owns

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0) Basic information

Hi there, welcome to my DTI trade- and wishlist!

If there is something you're interested in, please send a neomail to: Werkboek

Currently I am only looking for my wishlist items, not interested in GBCs!

This list is empty.

1) Highlights

These are items I either really like or have a high value. I might decline perfectly fine offers for them, but don't let it discourage you from offering! I will consider offers for these items, otherwise they would be in my private list.

This list is empty.

2) UFT

This list is empty.

3) Side accounts UFT

This list is empty.

3.1) Taddiebear UFT List (side account)

Here are the UFT items from my side account Taddiebear

GBCs left: 4 BFGBC
Gift Boxes Left: 13
Altador Cup Uniquely Fanrific Gram 1x
Dyeworks potions: 7

This list is empty.

3.3) TheEsmeeEffect UFT List (Side Account)

Here are the UFT Items from my side account, TheEsmeeEffect

GBCs Left: 4 BF GBCs
Gift Boxes Left: 0 (but could easily add more)

This list is empty.