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Items jiyoon owns

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**Hello there!**

Life's been a bit hectic lately, sorry in advance if I don't respond/miss a neomail it's nothing personal!

Feel free to browser and reach out if you're interested in a trade. My neomail is always open.

Don't have something on my wishlist? Feel free to neomail me your tradelist anyway! Always open to casual trades and happy to trade for customs/GBCs/cookies

This list is empty.

**Highlights/HTPW Closet**


5x Retired Altador Cup Mystery Capsule (2020)

Highlights and tradeable closet for priority wishes. May value some of these items higher than Waka

9999 = ONLY UFT for high priority wishes marked 99

This list is empty.

*gbc sale*

1. Main account UFT

Happy to trade most of these items for GBC/upcycle/archive cookies. Open to casual trades as well!

99 = not uft for custom at this time

This list is empty.

3. RI

Happy to trade this list for cookies

This list is empty.

4. SAN

This list is empty.

Items jiyoon wants

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**For Others**


Feel free to offer on my items if you have any of my sister's wishes here ^

This list is empty.

2. Wishlist for Gomdorri

This list is empty.


Very low priority, most likely not looking for at the moment. Just a reminder to myself to obtain at some point

This list is empty.

Wow these are NP?

Not a wishlist, just a collection of nice NP wearables for anyone's reference!

Will eventually get around to buying items marked with 9's, feel free to PM me if you're selling items labeled 9999+

This list is empty.
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