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Items Natty1066 owns

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(1) Up for Trade A-L

Important: as of 10/10/2014 until some of the glitches due to the transition are fixed on neopets with regards to NC I will not be trading with anyone for the foreseeable future…

Update 23/10/2014: I am taking a break from trading at the moment… When I do decide to trade once more I will change this notice, regards, Natty.

Hello there!
All of these items are primarily up for trade for my wishlist & Gallery items only… However, occasionally I may make an exception and trade for small items that might be in the mall like e.g. NC mall item fortune cookies (not faerie quest, training, game or lab ones though)...

If you do decide you would like to trade with & Neomail me (please state what items you are interested in & provide me with a complete/full link to your UFT & WishList page) then I will endeavour to get in touch with you as soon as I am able to, regards, Natty.

Please note that I am +8 hours NST so please take this into consideration when waiting for a response back, thanks!!

This list is empty.

(2) Up for Trade M-Z

This list is empty.

(3) Up for Trade (NC Mall Games)

These are the items from all of the NC mall games such as jubjub, blumaroll, wonderclaw, meepit stashe, shenanigans & corridor of Knox that I have available for trade.