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Items RuxIsQueen owns

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Current priority is BF GBCs and cookies!
Hi c: Thanks for viewing my TL, hopefully you can find something!
Feel free to Neomail me if you need to. I should reply within 24 hours.
The numbers either indicate how many I own, or the value I found from trade data. Each TL will specify c:
If I'm off on my values, please let me know! I tried my absolute best to check ratios etc.
I don't really value BFs at 2 but have a BF sale section
Nothing is VHTPW. I do not list things I want to use, those will go into my closet. If you can see it, its UFT.
However, I may still be picky in the sense that I want caps for certain things.

Also seeking unwearables for my collection: WL here
I have some spare GBCs UFT, just ask!

I have these grams as well! [no LEs]
- 12x Love is Undead Sweetheart Gram
- 9x Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram
- 4x Let Love Grow Sweetheart Gram
- 4x Altador Cup Naturally Fanrific Gram
- 3x Altador Cup Uniquely Fanrific Gram

This list is empty.

a. 2:1 GBC / 3:1 BF GBC

Seeking 2:1 GBC or 3:1 BF GBC.
Will also do 2:1 for current caps or cookies [archive, lab, upcycle].
Or, 1:1 for dyepots.
Number = how many I have.

This list is empty.

b. 1 GBC

Seeking 1 GBC per item.
Prefer RR caps or GBCs but also open to cookies [archive, lab, upcycle] etc
Not doing 2:1 for BF GBCs
Number = how many I own.

This list is empty.

c. 2+ GBCs

Seeking 2 or more GBCs per item.
I would prefer WL and/or GBCs but I'm also open to cookies [archive, lab, upcycle], caps etc for some things.
The number here indicates the value (e.g., 1012 = 10-12)
I have doubles of several of these, so just ask!
Some may be valued 1-2 but I'm seeking 2 c:
Blank = needs a VC

This list is empty.

Items RuxIsQueen wants

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