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Updated May 26, 2019

Online daily. I have work most days so I may reply late, but I will reply! If I don't, I might not have seen it, or it got lost somewhere. Feel free to mail again if I don't reply. :)

I can offer cookies, custom, tradelist, and GBC for my wishlist items :D thanks!

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1- UFT

My unsorted tradelist, so some items may be 2:1. This list also contains duplicates from my closet.

55 = on a side

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3 - Closet / HTPW

Not UFT right now, this list is set to public. I'm using/planning to use these items and I'd only trade for my super popular wishes!

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4 - Closet for Newer Items

This stuff is newer, so it's not UFT just yet unless it's for a big wish of mine.

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