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Items _iina_ owns

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I HAVE A HIDDEN CLOSET THAT I MIGHT TRADE OUT OF. It's not always so hidden though..XD

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1. Highlights

Nothing here is HTPW but that doesn't mean I'll trade them for anything :) For wishes only. Some for higher priority wishes only.

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2. TL

Everything here for 2:1 GBC or Upcycle Cookie. 1:1 for Dyepot or FQC.

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3. TL

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Items _iina_ wants

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NC gotta get it now

Absolute top priority that I want NOW!

10 = want this more than anything!!

Can offer full GBC for these!

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NC low priority

I'm not actively seeking for these as I don't have a custom in mind but I like them :)

Feel free to offer, but I might turn down a fair trade as I don't exactly need these xd

10 = I want this a bit more than my absolute lowest priority wishes!

5 = For my own reference, don't mind!

I might own some of these already, so I may decline a fair offer if I don't need a spare in that moment.

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NC/NP preparing for Halloween

Dress to Impress
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