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My closet is private these are just some pretty highlights. Some of these items are HTPW they will be marked with 9 or 99 (more 9's meaning harder TPW)

Not always seeking caps/GBCs for these items but I will always consider an offer.

neomail is always open for offers :D


Planning to re-organize this mess of a TL/WL soon

This list is empty.

A list of Dyeworks Pretties!

These are the DW items I own and LOVE :)

Items marked with 9's are items that are harder to part with but still UFT.

Not usually seeking Caps/GBCs for these unless I otherwise specify. I would prefer to trade for wishes.

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Backgrounds UFT

Hi, Im new to NC trading ( I'm a returning player of neopets) I am still sorting all of my lists out and figuring out the best way to organize.

Items marked with 9's are slightly harder TPW but are still up for trade

I do use waka for a guide but value some items differently mostly based on what I like.

*Feel free to neomail me with any offers! My neomail is open and it never hurts to ask! * :D

~any item marked 21 is 2:1 GBC~

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Clothing UFT

Clothing items UFT

A lot of these items I will do 2:1 (just ask) I just haven't made a separate list yet.

Items marked 11 are items that I really like and will not do 2:1.

This list is empty.


Items marked with 9's are items I like .

~any item marked 21 is 2:1 GBC~

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Hair and makeup/contacts

Items numbered with 11 are somewhat HTPW but they are still UFT

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Items m3gvirg0 wants

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Actively seeking these!

I am very actively seeking these items. What I am offering depends on the item. Can usually offer customs or caps.

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