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Offering current trading value with all items listed, using ~Owls and ~Waka where possible. I also use DTI-2020 ratios to help determine values. Offering GBCs and Custom for my planned customs and priorities.

Accepting fair GBC and item to item offers on all UFT items. If you think my value might be off on something, please feel free to offer what you think would be a fair trade. Some of these may be harder to part with items, but the worst I will do is say no! =)

Online daily, drop me a neomail if you'd like to trade something! If I don't respond, re-send the neomail - I will always respond! Please feel free to message other users offering the item you're looking for when you message me. I don't own your offer/time and will not be offended if you have already found a trade before I am able to respond.



Most Recently Updated: Oct 4, 2023 (still updating)

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02 2:1 GBC Sale

All items in this section are 2:1 for GBCs or 1:1 for Lab Ray/Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies or dyepots

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I value these items at 1 GBC
Will accept wishes, GBCs, Faerie Quest/Lab Ray Cookies, dyepots, or custom
Will accept 2:1 BFGBC for this section

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2 GBCs

I value these items at 2 GBCs Will accept wishes, GBCs, Faerie Quest/Lab Ray Cookies, dyepots, or custom

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Closet Not in Use

Items in here are ones that I really like, and could possibly use in customs in the future. Not trading these unless for wishes, and even then some of these will be very hard to part with. If you have some of my wishes, let me know and we can discuss something from here =)

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Happy to lend if anyone needs for 1 Faerie Quest/Lab Ray Fortune Cookie or Dyepot

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items bongo_58 wants

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NeoCash things needed to finish customs, willing to over-offer in some cases. The number listed is the value I am hoping/willing to trade for it based on Owls listing, if you disagree with a value then I am willing to haggle. The '0' in the values means the value is between the two listed numbers. a 9 in front of the value means I have a trade pending/committed to
Offering TL, GBCs, and Custom for these items

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NC General Wishlist

This section is items I want just to have, but probably don't need. Not very likely to offer customs or GBCs on these, unless I really want them. Usually open to item-item trades on them though!

*99* denotes items I am most likely to trade trade for GBCs, customs, etc. if that's what you're after
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NP Wishlist

These might be cheap, they are just listed here so I don't lost track of what I am needing to grab still for my customs This list is empty.
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