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Items EddieRanger owns

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Hello! I am currently on an indefinite hiatus from neopets as I have moved on to a better alternative. Honestly, I have sunk so much money into NC items, I feel like I maybe had a bit of a problem. If you are feeling this way I suggest looking for an alternative gaming experience; one which does not require you to spend your hard earned cash on pixels which are ultimately unsatisfying. I will always love neo as an integral part of my childhood but no long desire to spend money to try and recapture the feeling it once gave me when the company behind this product (and no shade to the workers, they are doing their best!) seem to have no idea who their core demographic is, or any interest in developing the site in a way that improves user experience.

I do check my account every other week, and I have noticed that I have been receiving neomails asking for items. I currently have 0 boxes, so any trades would have to include them. It might take me a long time to answer so I suggest that if you are seeking something urgently that you should look elsewhere.

I will be updating this list sometime when I have time to be only that which I wish to part with for gbcs.

TLDR: I'm on hiatus, don't expect a quick reply.

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

2. Rotating Closet

Ignore the numbers :)

My hidden closet is hidden, so YES the things here are actually for trade. You are welcome to offer if you have my wishes, I don't bite.

Never looking for custom for this list.

This list is empty.

3. Cute things

I like em

This list is empty.


Ask for prices :)

This list is empty.

HIDDEN Closet :o

If this is public, I'm probably discussing a trade with someone. I hate replacing things so I'm also probably desperate. Never uft for custom.

This list is empty.

Items EddieRanger wants

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