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Hey there! And thanks for checking out my closet. I am still figuring out how to sort out my items, but this is a general idea. I sometimes use OWL values and sometimes use how my value on items (depending on the items) so never feel shy to ask. I can accept GBCs and Grams as well (and trade them if I have them)

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Usually in rotation on my pets/saving them for a custom. still willing to haggle on some of these.

Numbers mean quantity and, I'm more malleable to trading them

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NP Items

Some of these are rare and expensive, some of these are common

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Priority Trade List

Trading these for my wishlist

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items Blahk wants

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Casual Seek

looks cool. could really use them

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High Priority

Need them for customs I am planning/outfits that are not complete without them

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