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0. hello! feel free to send a nm!

Boxes: Few | GBCS: 0 | BFGBCS: 1 | Caps: 4 (cactus) | Dyepots: 3 |NC on Hand: 0

Updated 4/23/24

Values based on Owls/Ratios

DISCLAIMER I try to be as updated as possible but I have so many NC items over a few accounts so its possible i might have something listed that is in use or has been traded, I apologize cry

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1. reg tl

This list is empty.

sale 2:1

2:1 cap/gbc 3:1 cookie/dyepot/bfgbc

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x not yet sorted

please still offer, just not sorted yet

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Items bodhikels wants

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1. dreams

whole closet uft for these; possibly custom/gbc

numbers are highest value id pay (RR are neigh)

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2. high priority

need now

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4. gallery

other non wearable nc items seeking: Gothic Holiday Snowglobe

Lighted Holiday Snowglobe

On the List Holiday Snowglobe

Trendsetter Holiday Snowglobe

Winter Holiday Snowglobe

Holiday Snowglobe Mystery Capsule

Frosted Holiday Snowglobe

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6. replacements

lowest priority

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