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Items Sereria owns

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0. Information

Main - kazam273
Side - sammykinzzz
Newest Side - sereriya Those are the two accounts I mainly use for NC. But I may have some items on xox_sammy_love_xox, sereriya or stotyn.

This list is empty.

0. Main Highlights/Pops/HTF

Picky with these items, will not accept custom/gbcs unless I specifically say so or offer on the boards.
Unlikely to trade the newest DW FoF's at this time. Sorry.

In this section the number will indicate how much I value these items unless 999's which are htpw

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1. Main (Non Highlight/pops)

Values negotiable // #=qty

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1. Side (Non Highlight/pops)

This list is empty.

2. Main Buyables/Upcycle Cookie items

This list is empty.
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