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---I am always seeking green neoboard pens as well, feel free to offer those

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About the "not in a list" items

Sorry I haven't got it in me to sort through these things because dragging items around one by one with a trackpad is a punishment from the gods.

All of these items are in my closet but I'd be fine with trading many of them, I'm just a hoarder. Any baby items or items I have multiples of are definitely up for trade. Lemme know if you want paint brush clothes, kinda desperate to clear them out.

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items Snuff wants

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High Priority

Super important stuff for me to eventually get.

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Looking For

Still pretty focused on this stuff but not to the obsessive degree of high priority items.

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Noncommittal Handwave

Kinda want this stuff but eeeehhhhh

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the laugh from Feel Good Inc. but it goes on forever

Dress to Impress
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