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Items chanty owns

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a. Welcome...

~ Hey, welcome! If my Inbox is full just send me a dung and I'll delete my messages!
~ I'm online daily.

GBCs in stock: 21 (For my reference: 7 Chan, 3 Yas, 2 Yes, 5 Gab, 4 Kiw)
27/11 GBCs in stock: 22 in total. (For my reference: 9 Chan, 4 Yas, 5 Yes, 0 Gab, 4 Kiw)
Non wereables UFT:

This list is empty.

b. 1 GBC value

100% of the items of this list are UFT for a GBC or an Archive Cookie.

This list is empty.

c. 2 GBC value

May some items from here I don't feel ok to trade for GBCs.

This list is empty.

d. 3+ GBC value

Not seeking GBCs for this list at the moment.
numbers are their GBC value. (Some are how I value them)

This list is empty.

e. 2:1 GBC sale

Seeking 1 GBC per two items OR 1 Archive Cookie per three items.

This list is empty.

f. Trading for Medium/Top Wishes

Also UFT:
NC Custom

This list is empty.

I love them...

Some are no that special, but I like them so much XD Very hard to me to trade, these items are probably my fav ones!

This list is empty.

Items chanty wants

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1 - Friends Wishes (top priority)

friends are always my priority.

This list is empty.


Willing to overoffer for these.

This list is empty.


I use /~Waka for values.

- Hey Chanty, why are you only seeking Pops? -.-
- Because all the items I wanted and were not populars I already managed to get them, and those items on this
list I would like to have someday, but unfortunately they are popular and are a little difficult to get. : "D

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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