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Items Justice owns

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00. hello!

welcome! i'm not actively seeking anything at the moment, but if you see something you're after, feel free to mail me anyway -- i won't say no to trades for my passively seeking wl, gbcs, caps, casual trades for items i might use, etc. (:

i haven't separated them out, but some smaller items can definitely be 2:1 for gbcs, caps, etc! feel free to ask!

closet is private, everything visible is uft | 77 = pending a potential trade | all other numbers = quantity

last updated: july 30 2021 | current status: resting (but still online daily)

thanks so much for looking & have a lovely day!

This list is empty.

01. nc bgs & bg items, fgs & garlands, effects, etc uft

This list is empty.

02. nc wigs, hats, contacts, face paint, markings, etc uft

This list is empty.

03. nc clothing, body wearables, handheld items, wings, etc uft

This list is empty.

Items Justice wants

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01. nc wishlist - actively seeking

items i want to finish customs for pets i have now!

77 = pending a potential trade

(if this list is empty, it means i'm open for casual trades!)

This list is empty.

02. nc wishlist - passively seeking

items i might want for alt customs! i'll be especially keen on these when there are no items i'm actively seeking!

(this list may be empty depending on how active i've been or how much i've decided i want something!)

This list is empty.

03. nc wishlist - dreams

items that are htf or way out of my league for now (or both) but that i'm still keeping my eye on!

This list is empty.

04. np wishlist

just here for personal organization purposes!

This list is empty.
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