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00. Hi!

Recently reorganized everything, so please bear with me if there are any mistakes.

Not trading via NM unless I have a board open :(
Last Updated: 10/2020

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01. Highlights

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02(a). TL - j0ujiu

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01. Wishlist - Priority

Actively seeking these for current customs!

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02. Wishlist - Neopoint


Saving up for:
Faerie Faellie
Grey Faellie

Thank you to:
05/??/2020 - narnian_nymph for my Brown Faellie
05/22/2020 - iceskatingwolf, jentari, newtgrlbutigotbetter, runintherain, shark_freak5451 for Prohomine's White PB
05/26/2020 - the_pie_love for my Sketch Faellie
05/26/2020 - jentari for my Spring Faellie 05/29/2020 - anonymous for my Spring Faellie
06/05/2020 - mimihs2_s2 for my Royal Petpet Paint Brush
06/12/2020 - snugglepuffagus for my Sketch Faellie
06/12/2020 - princess_in_pink_77 for my assorted Kacheek wearables :O
06/17/2020 - arqien for my Kacheek gallery items
06/18/2020 - happy182528 for my Kacheek gallery items
06/23/2020 - marshallmatherslp2 for my Kacheek gallery items
07/15/2020 - snugglepuffagus for my Pretty Baby Stroller I CRY

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