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Notes Before Trading...

Last Updated: Feb 2024

Traders NOTE: I am in the UK, so please bear in mind the
timezone difference when mailing me

I am an active trader (on daily), and I will respond to all
mails, if I don't reply within 24 hours, then I did not get your mail
please drop me another message. My inbox is
NOT full , no matter what it says :)

My Sister (Katie/Capturedsecrets) has my permission
to offer my TL for her Wishes


I value BF Caps at 1 cap value
ONLY doing 2:1 for BF Caps

ONLY items in my 1 cap sale are 1 cap value
If the item is elsewhere on my TL it is 2 or more cap value

This list is empty.

Section 00a - NC UC Skins (Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies)

I have these skins UFT:

This list is empty.

Section 01 - Unwearables / Side DTI Lists

My unwearable items can be found here :

My Side DTI Lists
If you want items from the below lists, please mention
which list you want stuff off in your mail, Thank you (:
If you DO NOT tell me what account you want stuff from, I will assume
it was from my main account TL, and you may not get the item! If I cannot find it there.

impress.openneo.net/user/47939/closet (enchantfully)
impress.openneo.net/user/57031/closet (pumpkindust)

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Section 02 - 1 GBCap / NC Custom / 1 cookie / 1 Dyepot

1x GB Cap | NC Custom | 1x Upcycle Cookie | 1 Styling Studio Supplies | 1 Dyepot (not seeking currently)

Not doing 3:1 GBC's or 4:1 GBC's sorry, please don't mail asking

This list is empty.

Section 03 - Background / Background Items

This list is empty.

Section 04 - Accessories / Jewellery

Section 09 - Lower Foreground

This list is empty.

Section 10 - Higher Foreground

This list is empty.

Section 14 - Handhelds / Misc

This list is empty.