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Resources to trade with

Last Updated:May 2018

Box Count : Medium Quantity
GBC Count : None currently
Custom Available :None Currently

I will not offer custom or gbc's unless stated on my board sorry

This list is empty.

Section 0 - Non Wearables UFT

The Items below are UFT for the right offer.

Spinning Star Mystery Capsule
Cupid Shoyru Key Quest Token
Icy Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram x2 (No LE)
Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram x6 (No LE)
Holly Holiday Cracker Gram x1 (No LE)
Rustic Love Sweetheart Gram x1 (No LE)
Queen of Hearts Sweetheart Gram x2 (No LE's)
Black Heart Sweetheart Gram x2 (No LE's)
Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack
Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Floating in Love Valentine Goodie Bag
Holiday Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Valentines Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Cornucopia Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Halloween Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Fall Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Spring Gift Box Mystery Capsule
NC Mall 4th Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Harvest Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Pumpkin Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Festive String Lights Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Winter Beekadoodle House Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Summer Popsicle Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Flower Barrow Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Jinjah Gift Box Mystery Capsule
3rd Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

Section 01 - Background / Background items

This list is empty.

Section 04 - Clothing / Wearables

This list is empty.

Section 08 - Dyeworks

This list is empty.

Items Enchanted wants

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Section 1 - Priority Wishes

Items here I am wanting now and I am actively seeking.
ALL sections of my Tradelist are open for these wishes.

drop me a mail if you have any - please be fair when
offering your items

If you value my items at the lowest value -
I shall do the same with yours, just a word of warning :P

This list is empty.

Section 2 - Seeking now

Items in this list I am on the look out for .

I will not offer section 10 for these

Please do not be offended if I turn down a fair offer

Items marked with 13 are higher priority items in this section.

This list is empty.

Section 3 - Casual Wishes

Items here I would like to have , always looking for them and will
obtain them if the moment arises.

NOT offering Sections 10 for these items

The cookies and GBC's I am always seeking them

(Unless I am low on boxes - Low = under 10 boxes)

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies
NC Archives Fortune Cookies
New (2 boxes) Giftbox Capsules

This list is empty.

Section 4 - Replacement items / Filler Items

Items in this section are mainly low priority for me and
I will only trade item:item for them.

These are items I want to replace or will accept as filler
Items as part of a big trade.

I wont be offering from Section 10 or 11 or offering custom
GBC's or any other custom.

My other WL's and sisters wishes come before anything
on this list.

This list is empty.
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