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1. All Trade Lists

Welcome! If you see something you like, I would be happy to look at your offer.

I always respond to mails, if you didn't get a response, I did not get your mail. Please resend so we can work out a trade c:

Any numbers denote quantity, not value

Note: My inbox will often glitch and say it is 'full' when it is not, so please hit 'send' even if you see that message

This list is empty.

2a. HTPW

These are all up for trade, just maybe not for everything. If you like something, just ask c:

This list is empty.

a. Dyeworks UFT

Items that I have duplicates of are generally easy to part with
Items marked 9 in this list are only uft for my Medium and High priority wishes

This list is empty.

b. NC UFT Backgrounds

This list is empty.

b. NC UFT Clothing

This list is empty.

b. NC UFT Foregrounds and Bg Items

This list is empty.

b. NC UFT Handhelds

This list is empty.

b. NC UFT Hats and Wigs

This list is empty.

c. Buyables UFT

These are items that are currently in the mall that I can offer. I can also offer cookies, dye potions, and game-packs. Please mail me if you're interested, especially for item:item trades :)

This list is empty.

d. My 2 for 1 list

Will trade 2 of these items for one GBC/RR cap/Archive Cookie/Mystery Cap