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Items bunnybroth owns

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{ a } 1. rest here, weary traveler

hi, i’m chloe.

i have been known to engage in nc trade on occasion and am rumored to habitually refresh the ncc even when i really ought to not.

if you have happened upon this page, you are likely witnessing first-hand the neopian tragedy that is me, aggressively solo-bumping a cheekily named trading board for an inordinate length of time. does she ever sleep? has she lost her mind? these worries weigh heavily on your conscience—you can’t help but contemplate my stability while browsing through my very obviously impressive tl~

ha ha. come for the trades, stay for the lols. if i have no board up and you’ve found my page through other means, please don’t hesitate to drop me a nm, to which you will almost always receive an eventual response c: i log on daily for the most part and am not intentionally ignoring you, i promise

both my active and inactive closet items are hidden—everything here is fair game for offers. currently i am seeking blumaroll rr caps and items from my wishlists!

thanks for reading, i love you

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{ b } 0. dyeworks lends

This list is empty.

{ c } 3. mme bonanza 2021

This list is empty.

{ c } 5. dyeworks 2021

This list is empty.

{ d } 1. ask about 2+:1 sale

discounted items throughout my tradelist are marked as 21—any applicable items will appear in this category! all are potentially combinable for 2+:1 cap value trades, currently seeking rr caps but will consider archive cookies, and gbc~

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Items bunnybroth wants

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{ a } 1. perpetual search

always willing to move a mountain and trade for one of these—please nm me if you would like to work something out (:

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{ b } 1. whims

ever-expanding list of things that i like but have no concrete plans to acquire.

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