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Welcome! Hope you find something you like!

Hello there!
I'm happy to announce that this time around, my TL is organized. ~ I apologize for the previous chaos ~ I haven't been as active on Neo like before, but I'm back!!
If you would like to work something just shoot me a Neomail and I'll do my best to respond ~I promise this time!~

Please take a moment to read the disclaimers in each section of my trade list. It's important to ensure we're on the same page regarding trades. Thank you for visiting, and have fun!

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Nostalgic Tokens and Non-Wearable UFT

Nostalgic Tokens

* Faerie Wocky * Darigan Acara x2 * Darigan Yurble x2 *


* Very Berry Ice Lolly * Advent Calendar JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-pack *

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I tried to pick out some highlights from my TL that I'm open to trading for customs or my wishes! Feel free to ask about anything here! There might be times when I don't want to trade a particular item for something specific, but I'll let you know!

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Regular Tradelist

Everything here is available for my wishes or for customs/capsules! I can take GBC's offers anytime!

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Buyables and stuff

Send me a GBC and I'll send you items from this section equivalent to the number of boxes I receive, your choice!

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