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Items sencha owns

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00. intro

hello welcome!! if you're interested in trading pls NM me—i check neo every day so i'll get back to you within 24 hours. if not, feel free to message again :)

i use ~owls and 2020 DTI ratios for values, but i'm pretty flexible with items not in my highlights if you have a reasonable offer. i'm open to browsing TLs for nice items that aren't on my wishlist!

also while you're here you should stream the 1999 double album "The Fragile" by industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails ok thanks happy trading ^__^

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01. highlights

these are items that i am more attached to, but they are still UFT!
i may accept GBCs/custom for items marked with a '111'

This list is empty.

02. uft

may be uft for custom, especially if there are new items or capsules in the mall.
don't be scared to ask, i am easily swayed :')

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03. dw

This list is empty.

04. grams

Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram x9
King of the Maraquan Sea Gram x4
Queen of the Maraquan Sea Gram x3
Altador Cup Naturally Fanrific Gram x3
Altador Cup Uniquely Fanrific Gram x4
Halloween Haul Gram x3
Berry Cute Chocolate Sweetheart Gram x4
Love Sucks Sweetheart Gram x4

This list is empty.

05. sale

these are UFT for custom all the time.
any two items for one GBC/archive cookie/upcycle cookie

This list is empty.
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