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Items cykoking owns

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A) Highlights

The good stuff

This list is empty.

H) Normal

Stuff I'll trade for just about anything

This list is empty.

Z. 2:1

Cheap stuff

This list is empty.

Items cykoking wants

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A) Big Wishes

Here are my Big Wishes for Big Items. I will also buy these with GBCs if you're interested!

Also seeking unwearables, like: Shenkuu River Rush Winged Talisman Any Aisha KQ Tokens not currently in mall

This list is empty.

B) Really Want

These items I will almost always trade for, both TL + GBCs :)

This list is empty.

C) Actively Seeking

I will always buy theses with GBCs, and usually my TL, although I might not always be interested in trading for these items.

This list is empty.

H) Casual Wants

Mix of high-end and low-end wishes; some of this I have but want extras, or just to collect because I think they're cute.

Feel free to offer these for anything, these categories are mostly just for my own organizational sanity.

This list is empty.

J. Buying for GBCs

Looking to get these items, but only offering GBCs, thanks!

Unless it's also in another category, and then those rules take priority

This list is empty.
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