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Items lorlurin owns

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99 is NOT HTPW, it represents a side account where the items are.
88 is HTPW.
JUN 27, 2022
Seeking many old event tickets! Also interested in old caps.

Incomplete JN non-wearable wishlist here but interested in other unwearable not listed as well! This list is empty.

2. ...

777: They are all somewhat current buyables. Check JN to see how to obtain them or ask me on the boards~
7766: They are currently obtainable but depends on chance. I do not value them all at 1-2.
Other numbers: for my own reference so I know where to find them

This list is empty.

3-1 AC items

Too many so separate list. Under construction.
I also have full set of the Team Filters/ Locker Room/ Sparklers/Glitter FPs.
If you have my priority wishes, lemme know if you want any XD

This list is empty.

4. Dyeworks

Trading for wishes & custom~
Custom/GBC-wise I basically value none of the DWs in this list at 1

This list is empty.

5. Tradelist-Regular

All are easy to part with. Always seeking GBCs/custom for this list.

This list is empty.

6 - 2:1 sale Unbuyable

Not quite sorted. Junk. Willing to do 2:1 gbc or 1:1 FQC/dyepot/75NC custom depending on box situation.

This list is empty.

Items lorlurin wants

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1. Priority!

Check out my incomplete JN non-wearable wishlist here
Also interested in many non-cubic caps that aren't listed!

This list is empty.
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