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Items lorlurin owns

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Not actively trading, but still feel free to drop me a neomail! I always reply, if the system does not glitch

This list is empty.

2-0. Closet-Tradeable Highlights

UFT for HTF or priority or high-value wishes.

This list is empty.

2-1. Closet-Regular

Regular things from my closet that I wouldn't mind to trade them for wishes & then replace.

This list is empty.

3. Dyeworks

My huge list of Dyeworks that I gave up sorting.
They are all UFT for wishes, but I would be picky with those marked with 88.
Ignore all other numbers, they are all for me to know which account to find them. I chose 99 to represent a side account when I first started trading & had no idea that people tend to use this number for htpw items :(

This list is empty.

5. Tradelist-Regular

All are easy to part with. 99 only indicates which account it is on.
Willing to browse tradelists for this section. My low-priority wishlist containing 200+ items is hidden...
BF GBCs: 30+

This list is empty.

6 - 2:1 sale Buyable

This list is empty.

6 - 2:1 sale Unbuyable

Not quite sorted. Junk. Willing to do 2:1 gbc or archive. Or 3:2 training/lab cookie

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Items lorlurin wants

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0. Relatively Easier Wishes

Only offering Regular Tradelist (list 5) or 2:1 lists for them. Also offering GBCs if they are in your sales~
May still turn down perfectly fair offers depending on box count of my accounts orz

I know some of them aren't really that easy, but like, my other wishes are even more difficult...

777: Pending Trade

This list is empty.

1. Priority!

For my xwees, and my future white ixi, whose custom is soooooo expensive

Here if you're interested: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2291568

This list is empty.

3-2. Shinies

Things I like solely because they are pretty.
33: Seeking spare. Third number is how many I have already.

This list is empty.
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