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hello, hi

I'm back from an extended hiatus; if you NM'd me while I was gone and I never responded, please NM again!

My closet is hidden, so please ask if there is something from my priority list that you are offering and are seeking something specific.

I am actively seeking wish lists 1, 2 & 3; and non-wearables listed in wish list 1. I will only offer from the NM listed on DTI . Discord is the fastest way to reach me (roxychalk) ?

non-wearables uft

Items marked 22 are pending trade, 77 are gifts, 100 are neopoint items; all other # indicate quantity, I do not put values on my items but I do lean toward Owls values.

This list is empty.

not picky with these :)

accepting gbc, upcycle cookies (box dependent), or item:item trades

This list is empty.


may or may not accept GBC/custom for these items but I am open to wishes ?

This list is empty.

the z-list

2:1 GBC / 3:1 BF GBC / 1:1 upcycle, small wishes

This list is my upcycle cookie list, I do my best to update once I've donated! My apologies if something is missing.

This list is empty.

z. baby closet

stuff I frequently use, set to public not trading; unless you have priority wishlist items, and even then it's a maybe

This list is empty.

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1. Wishlist - the "Actively Seeking" episode

Can offer BF GBC/GBC/custom depending on what's in the mall or if needed to add value.

Also seeking: GBC, Dye Pots, Wonderclaw Tokens, Archive Cookies (not currently), Upcycle Cookies

22 = pending trade; 100 = neopoint items

This list is empty.

2. interested but not OMG

This is a VERY casual trading list, feel free to NM me but I may decline offers

This list is empty.

3. seeking in your 2:1 sales (or other discounted sales)

low priority in sales only

This list is empty.

zz. dr. pepper

jic... this list public, not trading

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.
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