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*Regular UFT

Neomails always welcome; however, I'm typically not interested in GBCs or custom for items on this list. Thank you for understanding!

Numbers indicate quantity UFT!

I sometimes take up to 24 hours to respond to any NMs due to a busy lifestyle - my apologies in advance! If you need a reply and haven't heard back from me in a day, feel free to mail again.

Non-wearables UFT:
Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram (x3; no LE)
Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack
Magical Lens (x2; Trouble in Brightvale event)
Pretty in Pink Sweetheart Gram (x1, no LE)
Spyder / Sound the Alarm / Rainbow Ray Neggbot Tinker Kits (x1 each; Y22 Festival of Neggs)

This list is empty.


Still UFT for the right wishes! I am not interested in GBCs or custom for this list.

77 = Trade pending.

This list is empty.

~ 2:1 UFT ~

2 items for 1 GBC nonsense