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NC Items (aka my closet)

This list is stuff thats in my closet, some of it is easier to part with than others. Generally though, these items are NOT for trade.

My trade list can be found in a section below (UFT).

My wishlist is at the bottom and is broken down into priority and general wishes.

99- Side tpel

98- Side physics_nightmare

97- Side future_physicsist

96- Side tpels_side

This list is empty.


These items are items I dont really want to trade unless you have one of my wishes.

This list is empty.

UFT- General

This is my trade list. But for wishes I may open up my closet.

I dont explicitly offer 2:1, but if you want to make me a 2:1 offer for common items, Ill probably take it.

Items marked 96-99 are on sides.

Other stuff UFT:

Altador Cup Celebratory Gram

11th Birthday Tropical Cupcake (96)

11th Birthday Constellation Cupcake (99)

Colourful Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag (99)

This list is empty.

Items tpel wants

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Dream Wishes

Items I will sell my soul for.

Willing to offer from hidden closet, just let me know if you want to work something out for a dream wish.

Numbers indicate rough waka value (from when I last updated list) (March 2019)

This list is empty.

Stuff For Friends

These are items I am seeking for friends.

This list is empty.