Kianna's items

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Items Kianna owns

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0. welcome

I'm online every day. If you don't hear back from me within ~12 hours, I probably didn't get your message!

Unwearables UFT:
Candy Cupcake Light
Devils Food Cake
Red Velvet Birthday Cake
Candy Corn Cupcake
Six-rific Birthday Cupcake Candle Sparkler
12th Birthday Garden Party Wish Candle
Fall Apple Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1
Sparkling Rainbow Gift Box Mystery Capsule x1

This list is empty.

1. highlights & tradeable closet

I'm not interested in GBCs/caps/custom for the items on this list. Period. Please be respectful of that.

UFT for wishes and HP cakes! 99 are particularly HTPW for me

This list is empty.

2. nicer things

Will usually entertain GBC/custom offers for these

This list is empty.

3. 1 cap sale

You can ask for a 2:1 from this list if you think it's fair. I use this as a catch-all list for anything I value at ~1 that isn't permanently buyable in the mall because otherwise I think it's too much of a headache to determine what should be ~1 and what should be 2:1.

This list is empty.

4. 2:1 gbc sale

Mostly buyables