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1. All the pretties

I am only seeking wishlist items at this time

NOTE: If you mail me about an item and aren't really interested in trading, or are going to ghost me after the initial mail please don't. It's frustrating and quite rude. If I am at work I can't respond, but I will respond to mail regarding my wishlist items when I am home.


Wewoo Sugar negg

Spring Negg Wreath (calicokatt34)
Candy Corn Cupcake
Looking for high priority wishlist items, I may be open to other offers, but I'm not looking for customs or gbc. Please don't be offended if I say no thank you.

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2. The regular stuff

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4. calicokatt33

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7. dementeddoomkitten

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Wishlist - High Priority

Wishlist - these are for friends

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Wishlist Very low - casually seeking these items

Dress to Impress
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