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1 cap items

My lists are organised by value to make trading easier for me and you.I am always open to negotiate a value of an item or items as they rise/fall or change with the season. I am always happy to trade for gbc. I will also trade bigger value items for smaller wishes if you have them.

Items worth 1 cap. I will not do 2:1 on these items.

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2 or more in Value

Items worth 2 caps and up.For items worth more than 3 caps I would prefer item:item trades not customs/gbc. Numbers are values according to guides/my personal opinion. I am always open to negotiate values on certain things as everyone values things differently.99 means its on hold for a trade.

This list is empty.

2:1 Stuff !

2 for 1 gbc OR 1 for 1 fqc (depending on my box count).

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Closet items

A massive hoard of random items that I use and like. Trading from here is difficult for me and usually ends in regret! Items marked 99 are even more difficult to part with! Anything marked 992 means I have a double of it. If this is visible it is because I am seeking something and offering from here for it! ONLY FOR WISHES NOT FOR GBC/CUSTOM UNLESS I SPECIFICALLY OFFER THEM

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unknown values/new items/not sorted yet

Items that need a value check or are new OR I haven't gotten around to putting in a list yet!

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Items Kytten wants

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2.Things I want someday

I would like these someday....I'm in no rush to find them but if I do and I can trade for them I will.

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My biggest goal

I finally decided to make this public and maybe try to seek it out- I've wanted this item for a while and it would make all my hoarding well worth the time ! Just tell me you have this and I will unhide my closet for you ! Trade data I found through (neomailing others that have traded it or a google search) has this item trading anywhere from 20 to 50 in value ! I'm willing to go above an beyond to find your wishes or over-offer for this ! I am 100 percent dedicated to finding and obtaining this item!

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