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Items ibeth602 owns

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I am willing to trade away just about anything listed; all you gotta do is send a PM my way! iBeth602 on Neo. :)

PSA: I work retail, so my hours vary; I answer all NMs as soon as I'm able.

The number on each item is quantity. Values are double-checked with WAKA.

This list is empty.

Clothing Wearables

This list is empty.

Foregrounds & Fences

This list is empty.

Garlands, Arches, Curtains, & Frames

This list is empty.


This includes Wigs, Hats, etc.

This list is empty.

Trinkets - Variety

I have no clue where to categorize these, so here you go!

This list is empty.

Zed. Not For Trade!

These are the items that I'm either currently using on my customs, or just don't want to trade.

(However, if your offer is something from my 'Arm and a Leg' wishlist, it will be strongly considered!)

This list is empty.

Items ibeth602 wants

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Low Priority Wishes

What I'll Give an Arm and a Leg For

These are for a dream custom of mine. If your offer is asking for ANYTHING I own, including my 'Not For Trade' items, it will be automatically accepted.

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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