DekSy's items

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Items DekSy owns

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                                                                                 UPDATED 23rd of Jan 2022

                                                                      Trading is open,  I have plenty of boxes!

                                                    Closet is NUFT,  if it is in the UFT list it is because I am trading it.
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Trying to organise my lists. WIP.

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Closet items will only be considered for Most Wanted trades or if offered to you.

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Recovered Inventory Items

My NC items have been recovered! The issue was resolved with a ticket, might have had something to do with the fact I used to have 5x preset customisations for every neopet. I'm not sure why they disappeared but Alice is a legend!

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Items DekSy wants

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Common Items - Whites & Greens

I use standard item tiers to discern items based on availability. These are the easiest to come by.