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1 - NC HTPW / Highlights UFT

Festive String Lights Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Some of these items have a higher value, some are popular, some are harder to part with(due to them being a closet item). You never know unless you ask! All are UFT.

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3 - NC TradeList

This is the majority of the NC items I have up for trade. My neo name is echobabygirl and I welcome all neomails! I'm still creating a wishlist so bear with me!

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4 - UFT: 3:2 Cap Sale

Everything in this section is UFT for one gift box capsule(GBC) each, or pick three items for 2 GBCs. New style GBCs, please!

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5 - UFT: 2:1 Section

All items in this section are 2:1, meaning you get to pick two items for one gift box capsule. New style GBC, please! If you have the old style GBC, it's 1 GBC per item. Neomail echobabygirl with any questions, thanks!

This list is empty.

Dyeworks Lending Items

This is a list of items that I can lend for dyeworks in exchange for a GBC(oldstyle capsule or new cubes are fine!). If you ask for a lend, you are agreeing to return my item ASAP! Thanks!

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Items echobabygirl wants

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Gallery Wishlist

This WL is for items I want for my archery gallery. Always seeking these!

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NC Wishlist

Most wanted: Holiday Mystery Capsule (this is for a dear friend, please help!)

This list is an ongoing project. GBCs and upcycle fortune cookies are always welcome, as are popular easy-to-trade items like butterfly dress, pink lulu contacts, healing springs foreground, etc. I try to be easy to work with and trade with! :)

This list is empty.
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