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1. HTPW/Highlights

Things I like or that are worth 5+ caps.
Don't hesitate to offer though!

This list is empty.

2. Dyeworks RR

Things I got from the RR caps

This list is empty.

3. Stuff I've Acquired

Some of this is harder to part with than others.
Some may be 2:1... idk

This list is empty.

Items imbitter wants

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1. For Me

Custom and GBCs pretty much always available

21 = Seen in 2:1 sales, and would love to trade them for that!
7 = somehow buyable

This list is empty.

3. For Friends

*Will have to verify they're still needed before a trade

This list is empty.

4. Wishes to get me my wishes

This is stuff people have asked for when I've asked about my dream wishes.
Currently a priority

This list is empty.
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