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**Trading Info**

Have a plethora of GBCs (BF and non) to offer.
Please read each wishlist. Whether or not I am actively seeking them is highlighted in each list.

I'm NOT seeking GBCs at the moment. I may accept DW RR Caps for some of my lesser HTPW items

Updated December 28, 2020

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

Things I like or that are worth 5+ caps.
HTPW is at the bottom of the list. If it's in both lists it means i have more than one!

This list is empty.

2-4 Caps

Items according to /~Waka are a 2 through 4 value.

This list is empty.

2. Stuff I've Acquired

Some of this is harder to part with than others.

This list is empty.

3. Dyeworks

I've honestly given up trying to get keep quantities updated. If you're looking for multiples, feel free to ask me. There's a decent chance I have more than one.