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1.0 About Oshichi's Trade List

Last Updated: JUNE 2020

Hello and welcome to my trade list! Everything is grouped by category for clean browsing. Numbers indicate how many I have. All values are checked against /~Waka & /~Priscilla.

Please only send one message. If I do not respond within 24hrs, please send another. I am generally on daily, but sometimes miss a day. I will respond to fair, and polite messages. Rude or low offer messages will be ignored or blocked. Values must be equal. Do not value my items on the lower end and yours on the higher end. I'm always willing to work out trades to get wishes fulfilled :)

As always, remember the other person behind the screen. It's important to remember that this is just a game. Be nice & just have fun!

NC Nonwearables UFT: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/oshichi/

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1.1 So Hot Right Now!

Action, action! Get the newest and latest items! I will accept GBS, cookies and item to item trades.

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1.2 To Dye For

Like the look but want a different color to match that new outfit?

Under no circumstances are the following below ever up for trade. Lending for dye pots.

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1.3 The Red Carpet

Stunningly rare, beautiful, unique or just downright popular items. These are my hardest to part with items and I may not trade them, even with fair offers. I'm only parting with these for more expensive or extremely rare items on my wish list. Not accepting GBCs, cookies or any buyables/customs for these.

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2.1 Sightseeing

Going on vacation but need something to bring with you? Bring one of these garlands or foregrounds with you!

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3.2 Eyeconic Eyewear

Select contacts and eye wear for various personalities and styles!

This list is empty.

3.4 Beard Extraordinaire

Step up your beard game with these hot looks!

This list is empty.

4.0 The Clothing Vault

Need something new? Pick out a fancy new outfit for that new look!

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4.1 The Paint Shop

5.4 Don't Travel Alone

6.0 Children's Place

9.4 Side: Velasendra's Cart of Goodies

Item's on my side account that are available for trade. Box count: 0

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Items oshichi wants

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1.1 Coach

Items listed here are items I'm generally interested in and would likely trade for.

Also will trade for: GBCs, Archive Cookie or Up-cycles.

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1.2 Second Hand

Items listed here are items I would only be interested in discount sales (2:1, etc) and are least likely to trade outside of, or will trade from my "so hot right now" section.

This list is empty.

2.0 Wish List (For Main Account)

Items that are wanted for my main account: Oshichi.

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2.1 Valanlia's Wish List

Seeking spooky items for my side account: Valanlia.

Items marked 21 I would like to obtain in 2:1 and have seen them previously in.

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3.3 Blumaroo Gallery

Dress to Impress
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