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** Read this please! **

Updated: 2/3/18

Don't hesitate to mail me ^^ I'll always respond to mails and am online quite often!

Please read my notes for different sections, especially my closet before offering. Items in my closet are only UFT for specific wishes and NEVER for GBCs or casual trades.

Lending: I can lend any dyeworks items I have for 1 gbc, 1 dyeworks potion or 1 small wishlist item.

This list is empty.

Regular UFT

These are up for trade for any of my wishes 99% of the time. Please ask about them! :) Also interested in GBCs, archive cookies, and DWs potions.

100- Already found a pre-trade for this item
999- Only up for trade for wishes at this time

This list is empty.

UFT for Wishes Marked 3, 4 or 5 ONLY - Medium Priority or Higher


If you have one of my medium priority wishes or higher marked 3, 4, or 5 in my wishlists, this list is open for you to offer.

Items here are NEVER UFT for GBCs or custom, please don't ask :)

100- Already found a pre-trade for this item