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Items rinzombie owns

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0. Welcome!


List updated 11/26/2022

Feel free to message me about trades! I try to respond to everyone but I do get overwhelmed sometimes so please be patient with me.

99 indicates HTPW

This list is empty.

01. Dyeworks / Non-Wearables

Behind you!

This list is empty.


Foregrounds, background items, lower foreground items, trinkets... I can't tell most of these apart so I'll just slap them all in one big mutant list.

This list is empty.


Apply directly to the ... head

This list is empty.


You gotta cover up!

This list is empty.


Items rinzombie wants

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02. Impossible Dreams

04. Items I like

Not a priority. This section is usually hidden but sometimes I make it visible for casual trades. I value items at this list at the lowest ~owls estimate. (For example, if an item is listed at ~1-2, I value the item at 1, and so on.)

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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