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Items sowlv owns

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Hey there! Always feel free to message me, at top of every section i mention what i probably will/will not trade for but you can always offer something, i won't get annoyed :)

I try to keep up with ~owls values, but i'm not super strict about a trade needing to be exactly the same value, feel free to make pretty much any offer, we can look at what works together :)

I pretty much only do item for item trades, unless specified otherwise. Not interested in trading for GBC or BFGBC unless it specifically says so in the section description! I'll always reply to every offer i get except for offers of GBC/BFGBC, sorry!

Last updated: September 2023

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1. Highlights (NOT ALL HTPW)

Not necessarily all valuable items, i just like them. Some items in here are a bit HTPW for various reasons, but def not all!

I also wouldn't put them in here if i wasn't willing to trade them at all, so don't be afraid to message! :)

(amounts are ~owls values above 1~2, probably up to date)

This list is empty.

2. UFT regular

Prefer to trade for items on my wish list!

If there's an item on here you really want and you have nothing to offer from my wl, feel free to ask me to take a look at what you have uft to see if we can maybe work something out :-)

You can also always ask me if i want to trade for something custom from the the NC mall!

(amounts are ~owls values above 1~2, probably up to date)

This list is empty.

3. Item from Gram

Currently owned grams: - Creepy Mutant Gram 1x

If a (non-limited) item from the gram is not listed, that means i have it uft separately! Check my regular uft list for it :)

(If an item in this section has a higher listed value than it actually has according to ~owls, that's because there's another item you can get from the same gram that's worth more. In that case i recommend finding a different trade for a better deal!)

This list is empty.

Items sowlv wants

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1. Priority wishlist

(amounts on all are ~owls, probably up to date)

This list is empty.

2. Secondary wishlist

Dress to Impress
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