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[0] Introduction

Hi! My name is Annie. I've been playing neopets for over 20 years.

I am ALWAYS SEEKING BFGBCs & Upcycle Cookies because I rarely buy NC anymore and prefer to trade for things.

-The top Sections (A) are only for wishes as stated
-Sections B-F I often casually trade from and are fair game for any trades including custom
-I have a Tradeable Closet which is always public, a HTPW Closet which is usually public, and I also have a Hidden Closet which is usually private

88 = HTPW
77 = Pending Trade

This list is empty.

[A2.] Reserved for Wishes Only

Taking offers for Wishes only

This list is empty.

[B4.] 2 Caps

Accepting BFGBCs & Custom for these

This list is empty.

[B5.] 1 Cap

Accepting BFGBCs & Custom for these

This list is empty.

[B7.] Upcycle Stuff

All this stuff here will be upcycled
So I can do 4:1 BFGBC & 2:1 regular GBC

This list is empty.

[B8. ] UFT On Sides

(I may or may not have boxes on sides)

( #s here are for my own reference, just ignore )

This list is empty.

[C1.] Trade-able Closet

Items from my closet/gallery that I either don't use or are easy to replace

This list is only listed as public, not for trading.

more htpw than my regular uft obviously

(the higher the priority the greater the chances I'll accept trades here)

This list is empty.

[c2.] HTPW Closet

These are closet items that I either use or I'm having trouble letting go of, but that I will trade for the right wishes.

This list is only listed as public, not for trading.
For this section I will only take offers for items HIGH PRIORITY AND ABOVE

This list is empty.


Listed as public, not trading.
These items are gifts from the most amazing people and will NEVER BE UFT!

This list is empty.

Items just_a_girl95 wants

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[3.] Low Priority

I WANT these, but I don't NEED these
I am not actively seeking these but please feel free to offer them!
The worst I will do is say no!

This list is empty.

[4.] Spares

Some of these I use a lot and would like to have spares

PSA: I get neomails all the time asking about trading my items here,
just because I am seeking a spare doesn't mean mine is UFT!! O.O

This list is empty.
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