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Please note: quantities for each list do not denote actual value/quantity.
I have tried to be consistent with these throughout my TL/WL:
100: I do not agree with value guides on these
99: Harder to part with, likely won't trade for smaller items
88: Tradeable closet item, will be more likely to trade for WLs 1-3 or high-value wishes
11-66: For my personal reference
Any other quantities will be explained under each list.

Please feel free to mail! However, I generally get a lot of NMs about NC trades, and may miss your mail (I'm only human, and my schedule is variable). If this happens, I'm sorry! I do my very best to reply to everyone!


Organization of this list:
1. Highlights
2. Nice stuff
3. Tradelist
4. Side accounts
5. 2:1 GBC Sale
6. Dyeworks Lending 7. Closet/Only UFT for High Priority Wishes
8. Grams and Non-wearables

**may or may not be uft, sorry in advance;
I imported these from my sdb/closet and have yet to sort them!

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

Hard to find items listed here likely only uft for other htf/popular items.
88: Tradeable closet item, may be willing to part with for HTF wishes or high priority items
55: On a side account (for my reference)
Not seeking GBCs for this list.

This list is empty.

2. Nice stuff

Hard to find items listed here likely only uft for other htf/popular items.
May be willing to trade some items from this list for GBCs, please inquire.
33: Available from grams

This list is empty.

3. Tradelist

Some items UFT for GBCs as well.